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There are not many pictures of Karl, but the one that reflects the best day of his life was caught on his wedding day to his beautiful and wonderful wife Beryl. The ceremony was held at the St John’s parish church on April 22, 1962.

The Author
On November 30, 1922, Karl Sealy was born on the Caribbean island of Barbados. He wrote stories that captured the rich island life of a territory that was coming into its own as it gradually moved towards independence in 1966. The island became a premier tourist attraction and visitors today are enthralled by its natural beauty and the warmth of its people. Barbados is also home to singer Rihanna Fenty and cricketing legend Sir Garfield Soberswatch him in action – click (4th video).

Karl was one of the most prolific Barbadian contributors to Bim magazine in the mid-twentieth century, submitting no fewer than twenty short stories spanning 1945 to 1965. Some of his stories serve as historical markers of events that occurred on the island during specific periods. Others highlight the ethos of the period, laying bare the colour and class prejudices that divided the island and its people to reveal a Barbados that was far from perfect. Yet others touch on everyday themes of love and friendship, revealing the writer’s keen insight into the complexities of human nature.

Karl’s masterful use of language and his ability to say much with few words, are evident in some of his shorter stories and always, one comes away from his writings with the feeling that one has been in the presence of a great storyteller who is adept at his craft.

He moved on to glory in September 1993.


The following Poem was written by Karl during a Nordic Prince cruise line trip on the Caribbean sea. 

As when the white ship,
Pleasantly clean,
In the early morning,
Carefully, almost tenderly
Made love to an island. 

Or when the white ship,
Haunting the moon-swathed sea,
Gave new dimension to the loneliness
With lights far distant on the starboard bow
Which somehow seemed to bivouac not the living 
But the long since dead. 

Such, I know,
Is what I have wanted;
And to this, I know,
I will return,
God or destiny willing. 

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